Monday, August 8, 2011

Krugma on Weston on Obama

Okay, if you've ever read this blog more than a few times you know that I think that Paul Krugman is usually right. I think that events have born him out on most significant issues. And, if like me, you read him in 2008 when Obama was running, you know that he was skeptical, and his skepticism has been born out. I suggest that you not only read this post, but the post he wrote at the time of the inaugural. Also, as an added treat, he gives a shout-out to Keynes that leads me to a new Keynes insight that I thought was original to me: that a depression or severe recession, then, as now, isn't marked or caused by some natural catastrophe (unlike, say the effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami), but by a faulty system. Damn, I think this Keynes guy was pretty smart!

Jack Goldstone on the Tea Party

Jack Goldstone offers a very perceptive appreciation of what's going on with the Tea party phenomena. In essence, he's saying that folks have reasons to be unhappy, but that their unhappiness is being funneled into an old Republican agenda that really doesn't address the reasons for their unhappiness very well. His attitude and perceptions judging the U.S. government and how it ought to work--and had worked successfully in the past--is on mark for my money. Like me, he understands that limits on government and on government regulation are important considerations, but that government and government regulation are often quite good. It's not an either/or proposition, but a balance. A fine piece for grasping the dynamics of our changing world.

Jack Goldstone's Advice to Obama

Jack Goldstone, a social scientist @ George Mason, has started a blog & today I note that he referenced the Drew Weston article in my previous post. But he does one better, in the linked-post, he explains what Obama could have and should have done in response to the Republican bargaining tactics. He's making some sound suggestions here that we all can wish that Obama would have pursued. For right now, the U.S. is getting the reputation of a deadbeat nation (with the rating downgrade), but we're still paying our bills.