Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tony Schwartz's List of 30 We Need More of & 30 We Need Less of

This list strikes me as hitting on some very worthwhile points. Not comprehensive, not definitive, but useful. I will use it as a means of support for weeding the garden of my mind. Suggestions for further inclusions?

Ash Wednesday: The T. S. Eliot Poem

As most of Elliot, enigmatic and evocative. Something to ponder for the Lenten season.

Gary Taubes Meets Dr. Oz

An interesting post from Gary Taubes about his recent taping with Dr. Oz. Insightful about TV, conventional wisdom (CW), science, and a terrific summary of what Taubes is about from his friend Bob Kaplan. Go the the end of the Taubes post to see Kaplan's very interesting summary. This is something to read as you consider any Fat Tuesday binge (like your truly).

James Zogby on Arabs & the U.S.

Mr. Zogby, of polling fame, spoke today @ the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council about Arab-U.S. relations as he discussed them in the book I've lined to. His main points:

1. We don't listen--as a nation, as leaders, and as a people--to Arab voices. (The same could be said, as he noted, for individuals and concerning other groups.)

2. Most Arabs care about what we care about: jobs, family, education, health care, etc. Most are not oil sheiks or terrorists. We have a very skewed view.

3. Many, like Newt Gingrich (specifically mentioned), speak with authoritatively but know really nothing. Perceptions don't match realities.

4. At the beginning of the Iraq War 11% of Americans could find Iraq on a map. Now 36% can find it. Wow.

Fine talk, and he seems like an astute and thoughtful fellow.