Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Krugman On Ideology & Influence: I Wish He Wasn't Correct, But I Think He Is

Paul Krugman's piece in NYT today, "Missing Richard Nixon" raises two points that I'm coming more and more to accept. One--well, actually this is quite old--the Republican Party has been taken over by right wing crazies. Even Senator Charlies Grassley, whom I believed to be genuinely conservative in the small-government, tight-fisted, Midwestern small town kind of way, has given over to the crazies. A far cry from the Republican Party that I knew growing up (although the take-over began in earnest in 1964). Second, corporate, moneyed influence has gotten worse? I think yes, but it's a good question for a historian of American politics. I agree with Krugman that it has gotten worse. It's gotten so bad that we now start to make Richard Nixon look good! How do we break the powerful, powerful hold of the moneyed interests on Washington?

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