Friday, December 31, 2010

Print or Electronic? The New Debate

I liked this post, as it reflects my own ambiguity about the brave new world of reading options. I don't like the computer screen much, but the Kindle is very easy on the eyes, and therefore I do like mine. On the other hand, for me some books must be read and keptin print form. I think size & subject matter will have the most effect on the choice of medium. One thing that I do now is take any longer reading from the internet (say a longer blog post or book review), save it to Word, at the end of the week save it as a PDF, and then send to Kindle for conversion. I can then read at my leisure and with much less strain on my eyes.

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Tom said...

That's a great idea. Don't have a Kindle yet. But saving them for a later read makes sense. I mostly bookmark them then hope I later remember to read the longer articles and posts.