Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paul Krugman Against Bipartisanship, and Me, too

Krugman hits it with his take on calls for "bipartisanship". Who are our great bipartisan presidents? FDR railing against "economic royalists"? Harry "Give 'em hell, Harry" Truman? Lincoln, who led the nation through a civil war? Of course, each of these leaders could wheel and deal. I doubt that any of them were rude or went out of their way to mistreat their opponents. However, each knew when to give and when to take. Of course we compromise, but we stake out a strong position first, knowing what we can expend and what we cannot forgo. Like lawyers, we learn not to antagonize over the small insignificant details, but to go all out on the merits. So should Obama. Krugman's providing sound advice here, and I hope that Obama heeds it.

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