Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bruce Bartlett: Obama as Conservative

This interesting article from Bruce Bartlett (via Paul Krugman) has some interesting history. Having just mentioned Bartlett in a comment posted on Roscommon to Imogene, I followed Krugman's lead to this article. Of course, liberals who go conservative or vice versa can be a good thing (I like Ike), but I'm not sure of Obama's game here. Right now, more spending by the government is in order, I think. I follow those who say that inflating demand (not the currency) and getting more back to work is most important. Thus, why repeat FDR's mistake in 1937 of pursuing budget trimming mania? Obama seems to me to be making the same mistake. Plus, the Republicans are now driven by a real fringe group. What happened to Wall Street & Main Street Republicans?

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