Monday, July 11, 2011

Donld Rumsfeld: Right on One Thing

Recently I've been reading more and more about the detriments--serious detriments--of sitting on your hind-end too much. Iowa Guru, in fact, purchased a computer stand for me that now replaces the pile of books that I had on my desk to allow me to stand at my computer, so I'm moving forward. (I have to yet to do something along those lines at my office, which presents greater logistical problems.) So, when I saw this article, I have to give a shout-out to Donald Rumsfeld in an "you've got to give the devil his due" moment. (Okay, he's not the devil, but he strikes me as the epitome of arrogance and hubris.)Rummy has a good idea, and one that we'd all probably do well to emulate. Sometimes, you just don't know where good ideas will come from!

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middleson said...

i love the idea and am envious of your computer stand.
one of the large insurance co.'s in town has desks that can raise or lower pneumatically so you can stand or sit in your cube!