Monday, April 23, 2012

Asking Questions: Effectiveness & Good Manners

Our good friends at the very useful site Farnum Street provided this post about interviewing. It's what I do for a living in large measure, so needless to say I read it. I find some interesting recommendations & more to explore. I'll bet any reader of this blog has a similar use for questions and interviews, so I think that it's potentially useful to anyone.

After reading the how/what to ask article, read this article about the etiquette of asking questions in a public forum, a sorely under appreciated skill. IMHO, some very good advice is found here. I almost always cringe @ open mike questions because of the either awful or awkward (or both) questions that get asked. This writer has obviously experienced the same things, and his reflections provide very sound observations about how to avoid the idiocy.

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