Friday, November 9, 2012

Andrew Sullivan on the Problem with the Right

Read the entire blog, but this quote from Andrew Sullivan hits the nail on the head. Republicans: please, can Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly & their mean-spirited & paranoid delusional comrades. Come home! You'll find Lincoln, TR, Ike & others waiting for your return. Turn to Burke, to Niebuhr, to something other than the paranoid style of American politics. Anyway, here's Sullivan: 

These charlatans and money-grubbers have turned the broad tradition of Anglo-American conservatism into Southern Fried Fanaticism - and I wanted to see them crackle in their batter. They have replaced empirical doubt with unerring faith in an ideology that had its moment over thirty years ago and is barely relevant to the world we now live in. That faith has been cynically fused with fundamentalist religion to make it virtually impossible for the GOP to accept that women are the majority of voters in this country, that gay couples are equal to straight ones, that 11 million illegal immigrants simply cannot be expected to "self-deport" en masse by a regime of terrifying policing, that war is a last and not a first resort, that the debt we have is primarily a function of two things: George W. Bush's presidency and the economic collapse his term ended with.

So true, so true! 

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