Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Hate Writing This Blog

In our compound a young mother worries about her 2 year-old with a slight fever back in the U.S. with his dad . Iowa Guru & I anxiously await the arrival of our quite adult & capable daughters: just two drops in an ocean of concern and love that parents hold for their children. And then I read the new flash here in India about the shootings in Connecticut. I could not bear to look at the list of names & ages on the front page of the NYT this morning as I glanced at it. 

So horrible, so awful. President Obama's comments, here in video, display the common anguish that we all must feel. But after the shockand horror, which has become all too common, we must do something. 

Garry Wills in his blog post following this outrage puts our plight in biblical terms: we have our own Moloch--the gun. His refection on the outrage in Newtown, and repeated too many times before, captures my sense of despair at the idolatry that we practice in this country towards guns (among other things). We as a nation need to repent. 

This article by Nicholas Kristoff provides some thoughtful reflection and suggests changes that should prove politically feasible. I hope that he's only one of a flood of voices that creates a groundswell of action to address the issue of gun violence. I've set forth my opinions here and here. But I will not stop because this is too crazy.We, as a body politic, are crazy not to take practical and reasonable steps to limit gun violence. 

So as I write this and listen to Christmas music playing the background that celebrates the Nativity--the human joy of a new beginning with the birth a child-- let me suggest a Christmas gift for me, you, and all of us: write the President, your senators, and your congressman, and tell them in no uncertain terms that we need to regulate firearms in an effective and reasonable manner. Let them know that you will hold them to account until we has a nation and as a state enact legislation  that will truly work to prevent these all too common occasions of murder and mayhem.  


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Karen Greenleaf said...

We have been wondering about you. You are a wonderful writer, thinker and it is a bit intimidating responding to your post. Maybe you have an email you can share with us. The tragedy in Sandy Hook was of course horrific. I work at a store that sells guns and ammunition and it has been horrifying as a person who wants stricter gun control to observe a certain segment of the population rushing to purchase ammunition and assault rifles. I don't understand this and don't understand that part of our country.