Monday, April 15, 2013

My Latest Letter to Grassley re Guns & Political Corruption

Dear Senator Grassley,
I was deeply dismayed--and ashamed--to read that you voted to prevent consideration of any legislation to enact reasonable gun limitations. When 16 Republican senators voted to at least allow debate, I hoped that I would see your name there.

I am deeply disturbed at how anti-democratic and corrupt the U.S. Senate and our whole political system has become. However, I will not become cynical, but I will instead work to change the system and stop economic and ideological minorities from disabling our system, from gun control to climate change and on numerous other issues. You, of course, can continue safely in your seat for now, but I'd much rather that you stepped up to the reputation that you once held for independence and fair judgment. I will be watching your performance, as will a number of other Iowans. You can hope that they all toe the NRA line, but the times they are changin', and you should, too.

Thank you for your consideration,
Steve Greenleaf

Sad to say, but our system has become terribly corrupt. Money, of course, is an issue, but the scorched-earch policy of conservative Republicans (alas, are there any others?) also has caused huge problems, like the shameless gerrymandering to the use of the filibuster. I've started following Lawrence Lessig's efforts at reform, but we need even more. Of course, the first thing for Iowans must be to elect Bruce Braley to take Tom Harkin's U.S. Senate seat, but replacing Grassley with someone mainstream is crucial, too, although Iowa Democrats don't have a easy-to-select candidate like Braley.


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