Saturday, May 4, 2013

Faces & Figures from Jaipur, Rajathan

Iowa Guru in her most recent blog gives a narrative of our walking tour last Saturday. I want to share some of the faces and figures that we saw on her tour (and a couple of a few of these are redundant of her post).

Starting at one gate into the Pink City with a few faces in the crowd
A typical Jaipur "school bus". The one on the left has had enough!

For those needing a munchie along the way

It wouldn't be India without the cow. By the way, is this cow face pose, yogis?

Making yogurt

Talkative school girls who hailed Iowa Guru with their English & ended up getting quizzed in an mini English class!

Making bowls, really.

Pounding out pans. Yes, that's a hammer!

Our brief fling as rock stars. Great smiling faces, even with Saturday school

Typical statuary.

Another big shot, although I don't recall whom.

A full-figured look

Gautama Sakyamuni, a/k/a Buddha

How'd he get in here?

I'm still working on this one.

Ah, this one, too.
A few of the faces and figures of India. All photos by the lovely Iowa Guru.

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