Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Letter to Senator Grassley About His Refusal to Act On Any Supreme Court Nominee

Dear Senator Grassley,

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Abdicates his duty. We expected better.
My wife C and I want you to know how deeply disappointed we are in your decision to abdicate your duties as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman. We refer to your statement that you will refuse to act on any Supreme Court nominee that the President sends to the Senate. Your statements intended to mask that act of blatant partisanship by "letting the People decide" is almost comic. The people made their decision about whom should make this decision some time ago--the President. The President, not some future president. Of course, this is what the Constitution provides. It is ironic that this appointment will be to fill the seat once held by Justice Scalia, the self-described originalist. But as you well know, the Constitution worked to keep "the People" away from federal judicial appointments. It provided an indirectly elected President (such as George W. Bush) would make the appointment subject to the approval of an indirectly elected Senate (until that was modified by the 13th Amendment). But the arguments of you and your colleagues fool no one into believing that this is anything other than an act of rank partisanship. If the shoe were on the other foot, you and your colleagues would be howling with indignation, as you should.

We expected better of you. You once demonstrated a desire to make Washington work by avoiding the type of obstructionism we now see on shameless display. You owe yourself and the people of Iowa better.

Sincerely yours,
Steve & C Greenleaf

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