Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garry Wills on the Contraception Flap

Garry Wills holds at least two terrific characteristics: incredible erudition and a scathing pen. In this piece on the contraception flap and the Catholic Church, he puts both to use. Wills, whose many books include such titles as Why I Am a Catholic and The Rosary, does not go easy on the institutional Church when he finds it amiss, and he certainly says so in this brief article.

One other point. He notes how incredibly poor and unqualified this Republican field is. How true, and how sad. Wills: "By a revolting combination of con men and fanatics, the current primary race has become a demonstration that the Republican party does not deserve serious consideration for public office." This, from a political reporter from going back to the Sixties. Also, from someone who has expressed some some very marked criticisms of Obama.

As Wills says (as only he could), "Acton to the rescue!"

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